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One God * One Bible * One Christ * One Salvation * One Body

Our purpose is to establish worldwide resource connections
the Body of Christ will need to survive as End Time prophecy is fulfilled.

Your MEMBERSHIP fees will provide for the creation and delivery of your member benefits, like monthly newsletters, new-member packets, and member discounts. As we grow, so will your member benefits. Thank you for joining Working Together today!!

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Unlike our regular yearly memberships, offered every December for the next year,
are available all year.

This is an introductory membership option and is available by EMAIL only. Trial Members receive quarterly updates.

Trial Members also receive LIMITED BENEFITS. These will vary from year-to-year and quarter-to-quarter. Trial Member benefits are small samples of things available through Working Together.

can be purchased
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Working Together holds an ANNUAL Membership Drive in DECEMBER.
This is the only time a regular yearly membership is offered.
We do this to create a calendar year format for its two main membership options ::



For Christians and others interested in finding out about Working Together but are not willing to commit to a regular membership, we also offer an introductory TRIAL MEMBERSHIP that can be ordered throughout the year.

This is an email-only option, with quarterly updates. Added benefits will happen as the year unfolds. These will be included in the quarterly updates. TRIAL MEMBERSHIP benefits are not equal to regular membership benefits, but are a sample of things we want to share with Trial Members.

A TRIAL MEMBERSHIP will give you a look into the programs and resources we are building for future use. When December comes again, you can choose to become a regular member.

Working Together Memberships are for INDIVIDUALS.

It took several years to decide how to structure the goals of Working Together for the people it wants to help. Memberships for individuals make it possible to deliver benefits to members as individuals. Because we know families cannot always afford to buy more than one membership, we do not mind if one person in a FAMILY makes member purchases for the whole family.

It is important to remember, however, that our membership plan is based on individual membership AND increasing benefits over the years of renewed membership.

A regular membership in 2019 was set at $10/month.
Each year the costs of delivering benefits, programs, and other related services are re-evaluated to set the price for the next year's membership.

The regular membership fee for 2020 will be based on USD $15 per month, and collected in one payment of USD $180

All regular membership fees are collected in a yearly payment with the DECEMBER Membership Drive. Membership fees become the budget for the next year.

Our regular members receive a variety of benefits for their membership fees. These will change each year according to what Working Together is developing.

Our current regular MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS are ::

*** WT NEWS -- a monthly newsletter available in TWO formats :: PRINT or EMAIL. Members choose which format they want to receive with their membership fee. The format not chosen is still available, but is purchased separately.

*** NEW MEMBER PACKET with various samples of our products.
This is one way we encourage members to try our programs and discover the products we are developing. All of our products support the work of creating resources for our members.

*** DISCOUNTS on various WT products. Instead of a single discount applied to every purchase, we will select that year's best opportunities for members and offer a special member discount toward it. As we grow, this will become a great benefit for attending our events, trying out our products, etc. These discounts will vary and will be shared with members through WT NEWS.

FYI -- A LIFETIME Membership is now available. This is for all ages, including children and grandchildren.

A Lifetime Membership is

As soon as we can create a structure for Lifetime Member records, DNA samples will become a part of the Lifetime Membership process...for children and adults. This will help in many ways. First, because we don't know how long anyone will live. Second, as a way to identify Lifetime Members as services become more community focused.

We don't know if our loved ones will become (or stay) Christians over the unknown span of time until the Antichrist becomes public and seeks to destroy all Christians -- possibly all Jews as well. Our goal is to provide places for all members to reach when persecution enters their lives, when the Mark of the Beast becomes a reality.

A LIFETIME Membership
is priced at USD $10,000.00

This is a big investment, but is necessary to build the resources that will be needed and to keep connected with each Lifetime Member through the years.

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Gathering into ONE place
is just the beginning.

We will become stronger together.