Working Together Inc

One God * One Bible * One Christ * One Salvation * One Body

Our purpose is to establish worldwide resource connections
the Body of Christ will need to survive as End Time prophecy is fulfilled.

Your MEMBERSHIP fees will provide for the creation and delivery of your member benefits, like monthly newsletters, new-member packets, and member discounts. As we grow, so will your member benefits. Thank you for joining Working Together today!!

are available all year, and
are a good introduction to
what we are trying to create
for the Christian community.
quarterly newsletters, sent by
email only.

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How can you become
a member of Working Together?

Working Together holds an ANNUAL Membership Drive in DECEMBER to create a calendar year format for it two main membership options, CHRISTIAN and PUBLIC . It is the only time regular memberships are available.

We also offer the introductory TRIAL Membership throughout the year. It is a quarterly newsletter format sent by email only. This is why the cost is so low. It will give you a look into the programs and resources that we are trying to build for future use. When December comes again, you can become a regular member then.

Regular members receive a variety of benefits for their membership fees. These will change each year according to what Working Together is developing.

Our current 2019 Membership Benefits are ::

*** WT NEWS -- a monthly newsletter available in to formats :: PRINT or EMAIL. Members choose which format they want to receive. The other option is available, but is purchased separately.

*** A New Member Packet with various samples of our products. This is one way we encourage members to try our programs, and the products we are developing for added income to support our work.

*** Limited credit toward the purchase of WT products (only). This is one of the reasons Working Together was created... to provide financial help for Christian members, to the greatest extent possible. How this is structured is that a portion of your membership fees create a communal member fund for access by those members who need it. When members access this benefit, a biblically-based fee of 20% is charged. This is not interest, it is a one-time fee for handling expenses associated with operating this benefit for members. It is hoped that this will become the best opportunity for members to help themselves when hard times affect their lives.

*** Special discounts on various WT purchases. Instead of a single discount applied to every purchase, we will select that years best opportunity for members and offer a special member discount toward it. As we grow, this will become a great benefit for attending our events, trying out our products, etc. 2019 discounts have not been established yet. WT News will share the news when they come up.

Working Together Memberships are for INDIVIDUALS.

It took several years to decide how to structure the goals of Working Together for the people it wants to help. Memberships for individuals makes it possible to deliver benefits to members as individuals and as groups, when needed.

Because we know families cannot always afford to buy more than one membership, we do not mind if one person in a FAMILY makes member purchases for the whole family. It is important to remember, however, that our membership plan is based on individual membership and increasing benefits over the years of renewed membership.

FYI -- A LIFETIME Membership is planned, and will be available for children and grandchildren of Christian members. DNA samples will be part of that process because of the length of time children can be alive. It will be a PUBLIC Membership until children reach adulthood and can decide if they want a CHRISTIAN Membership. We don't know if our loved ones will become or stay Christians over the possible long span of time until the Antichrist becomes public. Our goal is to provide places for all to reach when persecution reaches their lives.

A regular membership in 2019 costs $10/month,
but is collected in a yearly fee. ($120 USD)

As soon as we can, a monthly and quarterly payment option will be created so households with less income can still become members and access the benefits we are building for them. As Working Together grows, so will our benefit options.

JOIN Working Together today...
gathering into ONE place
is just the beginning.
We will be stronger together.